Triple cabine Sauna

The triple cabin Sauna & Hammam & sensory shower is a combination of a hammam cabin, a sauna cabin and a sensory shower. With a very clean and trendy design, you quickly integrate a haven of peace combining relaxation and well-being.

The hammam cabin contains a chrome mixer, a rain shower, speakers, an LED lighting system and an essential oil diffuser. The added value of this hammam cabin is the integrated generator, a real space saving since there is no need to provide a technical room.

The sauna cabin is covered with wooden slats Hemlock is made of solid pine. It contains a glass clock, hourglass, thermo-hygrometer, bucket, ladle, speakers and LED lighting system. The sensory shower is the magical union of 3 different showers integrated into a course (rainwater, waterfall and nebulized), a unique way of living a multisensory aquatic experience. Elegant coordinated collection for your wellness area. The latter is a multifunctional system that redefines the relationship between body and water. It is an innovative concept of a self-supporting module for public use in saunas and steam baths.

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