About Us

About Us

Technological Innovation

State-of-the-art wellness equipment is the basis of any spa and fitness business that wants to stand out for offering an exceptional experience to its clientele. Star Wellness, with its outstanding selection of sophisticated spa and fitness equipment, is the smart solution for any hotel, spa, sports club or home seeking the finest equipment for precious moments of relaxation, comfort and style.


Our course so far

Twenty years ago, in 2000, Sydney Dalmayrac founded Star Wellness, a company that would cater to eclectic wellness facilities around the world offering state-of-the-art spa equipment and integrated consulting and management services. With a preceding 10-year experience in fitness equipment, Sydney Dalmayrac conveyed his personal philosophy on pursuing a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the hospitality business, thus creating comprehensive solutions for high-end hotels, sports clubs or budding spa enterprises who wished to upgrade their provided services with the then-innovative spa concept. A seasoned athlete himself, with a passion for fitness and a strong understanding of how important balance between body and mind is for one’s wellbeing, he envisioned a line of luxurious wellness equipment designed with both elegance and functionality in mind. At the same time, he recognized the need of the budding spa business to upgrade its standards of operations in order to provide services of world-class levels, thus expanding Star Wellness’ offerings to fit the rising needs of high-end spas and hotels.

About Us
About Us


Gazing into the Future of Wellness

Star Wellness’ philosophy revolves around creating a unified wellness experience for demanding businesses or entrepreneurs who aim for excellence in services and a successful, profitable business operation. Just as the balance of body and mind is behind a person’s well-being, which reflects in their beauty, their mood and demeanour, the balance of top-notch facilities and services of any spa business reflects in its overall business performance.

Innovative thinkers,

About Us

the backbone of Star Wellness

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, then you will succeed!”- Buddha

Sydney and Valerie Dalmayrac are the minds behind Star Wellness and its inspired range of Spa Equipment, Consulting and Management Services. It all started when Sydney Dalmayrac, founding president of Star Wellness, decided to turn his hobby into his job. His wife, Valerie, who also shares his passion for beauty and wellness helped further pave the way for further broadening Star Wellness’ horizons. By incorporating the element of tailor-made wellness and beauty products to the overall experience of the Star Wellness range, designed in collaboration with acclaimed international beauty brands, she added a distinctive finishing touch to the curated offerings for their clientele. For Sydney and Valerie Dalmayrac, striving for constant development, for bringing forth efficient and innovative solutions with elegant design is their leading principal, and together with their team of experienced professionals, they consider themselves a trusted partner to any entrepreneur setting out to create a spa that aims – and achieves - excellence.