Double Cabine with Sauna & Hammam

Thanks to the solid polystyrene structure provided with a stratigraphy, which allows reliable thermal insulation, Star Wellness is able to design a professional hammam realizing it with an infinite possibility of customization of shapes, fittings and coverings. In addition, thanks to the heat of the cabin, the skin is purified by eliminating toxins. This treatment, associated with the action of perfumes and chromotherapy, brings a feeling of general well-being. Star Wellness combines this structure with different technologies to produce steam for professional and home use and simultaneously manage the more emotional part of the treatment with lights and aromas.

The result is a perfect product, to offer absolutely unique experiences. Star Wellness offers a precious bouquet of woods to choose from, including Canadian Hemlock, Heat Treated Ash, Cedar or Fir. The enveloping heat of the sauna stretches the muscles and joints, perspiration lasts the impurities to the layer of dead cells.

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